​Designs on Silk​

Designsonsilk (c) 2019

French textile dyes offer limitless colorations and multiple techniques add texture and design elements.  Each painting or wearable will be unique.

To ensure lasting color, the silk is steam-set for several hours, hand washed and pressed.


​To care for wearables: gently hand wash in warm water with a liquid mild soap (Ivory), rinse with cool water, roll in a towel to absorb moisture, and press while damp with warm iron and a pressing cloth.

Painted silk banners and framed art used in home decor should not be displayed in direct sunlight.   

With proper care,  your silk will give you many years of enjoyment.

Each unique art creation begins with a design sketch. The artist has an  extensive portfolio of her own photographs that provide most all of the designs and subjects for her work.


White silk is first washed to remove excess silk gums from the surface and is suspended in a stretcher frame. 

The surface may be treated with a sizing product to control the dyes or a 'resist' line applied to create barriers for the colors.